JINYOUNG’s Journey
to Build a Sustainable Future

Through all its decisions made in favor of humanity’s sustainability,

Jinyoung puts the environment first and aspires to set an example in making the world a healthier place.

Business Ethics

Jinyoung’s Code of Ethics is the moral compass that steers its people toward the

ethical management decisions that earn Jinyoung the trust of society and customers.

Transparent management forms the business ethics of Jinyoung.

Jinyoung’s business ethics enable us to grow as a business, add value to the wider community, and help create a future of abundance.

In doing so, Jinyoung helps customers, stockholders, partners, employees, society, and the country reach new heights and create value.

  • Stockholders
    Stockholder interests and

    management transparency
  • Employee
    Ethical management

    and sound corporate culture
  • Nation & Society
    Creation of social value through

    wholesome corporate activity
  • Partners
    Fair business practice and

    win-win partnership
  • Customer
    The best products

    and services
Direction of Ethical Management

Through ethical management rooted in equity, a sense of ownership, responsibility, passion, safety, transparency, and trust, Jinyoung will always be a company sought after by customers, partners, stockholders, and current and potential employees—a responsible member of society and the nation.

Code of Ethics

By embracing the core values of “people,” “customers,” and “future,” Jinyoung strives to be a company respected by customers, stockholders, and society for the value it provides. All Jinyoung employees practice ethical management to achieve the sustainable development that is key to a better future for all. The following Code of Ethics is the point of reference for Jinyoung’s decisions and actions in ethical management, and is Jinyoung’s pledge of commitment to ethical management.

Code of Ethics
(Full Version)
Code of Ethics Practice Guidelines KOR ENG