New solutions created through ongoing R&D find homes in furniture, construction, automotive, semiconductors,
and other fields that are foundations of the modern world.

Create New
Creating Value

Since our establishment in 1993, Jinyoung has consistently pushed against the norm to grow into the top Korean surface materials manufacturer we are today. Over some 30 years of effort, Jinyoung has broken new ground in the field of surface materials to become a provider of safe and stylish surface materials that go into making furniture, appliances, semiconductors, cars, and buildings. On the strength of a balanced business portfolio consisting of global business and ESG management, Jinyoung now has its sights set on becoming the global market leader.


As a company that cares about the environment and people, Jinyoung makes healthy living environments possible

and continuously develops innovative new products inspired by our unique technology and extensive know-how.

  • Customer First
    Customer first
    Solutions that meet
    the needs of diverse users
  • Human Respect
    Respect for people
    Collective prosperity from
    individual fulfillment
  • Technology Innovation
    Technological innovation
    New, competitive products
    that set the standard


Sustainable growth through products that are better for the environment is our promise to you.

Staying alert in a fast-changing market, over the next 50 and 100 years

we will work to build your trust in our efforts to make the world a healthier place.

  • Discovering new growth
    for consistency in
    value creation
  • Stronger R&D
    to respond to and lead
    the changing market
  • Production technology
    and quality innovation

    that stand out from the rest
  • Corporate culture
    of creativity

    based on trust